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Bits n Pieces 03/20/2015

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So, what an unusual week!

Captain Norm and I had a very large 101-104 class. Eleven students! Holy CRAP! Well, it turned out to be 5 adults and 6 kids (teens). We let the group decide how it was divided up and I wound up with the 6 teens, Holy CRAP! Needless to say I was dubious; 6 days, 50 percent more students than normal, and TEENS; Holy CRAP!

Well, let me tell you, this was one exceptional group! Every one of them were attentive, fun loving, eager to learn (although none read their books (they were scolded for that)) and always ready to go. In fact, two mornings I showed up at the boat and there was not a sole to be seen. I dallied around for a while and finally called down below and they were all there waiting for me! Amazing!

We had a blast and I was sorry to see it all come to an end. My hats off to my newest grads: Damon, Dane, David, Dani, Eliot, and Elainna (Elly to me). By the way parents, we do have other letters to start names with in the alphabet. There were too many photo’s to just post so I made a slide show.

This week’s drink:

Electric Lemonade

1 1/2 oz. Vodka (citrus flavored vodka works best)

2 oz. Sweet and Sour

1/2 oz. Blue Caracoa

1 can of lemon-lime flavored soda (sprite, 7-up)

Sugar or salt rim a margarita glass, add a lemon wheel,

and pour the contents as listed above, into the glass.

This week’s drink found at


I’ve got a PB1101 coming up in Clearwater on Saturday. I love teaching this class and it will be fun on a students boat!

 This week’s toast:

Here’s to the four hinges of Friendship-
Swearing, Lying, Stealing, and Drinking.

When you swear, swear by your country;
When you lie, lie for a pretty woman;
When you steal, steal away from bad company;
And when you drink, drink with me.

 I’ve got a huge team build coming up this week. It will be two days long.

Don’t forget to check out Crusingfla.com. Our new website dedicated to Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy and all things Powerboat.

Gotta go! Remember On the Water…With Captain Frank




Bits and Pieces 12/05/2014

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Bits n Pieces 12/05/2014

Okay, I know it’s not Friday but I’ve been busy so I missed my my deadline by five and a half hours.

This weeks toast:

May your landfalls always equal your departures!

Brian, it was great to see you and your wife at the boat show yesterday! I always love to be able to put a face to a name. Thanks for your helps on the ride and I’ll see you on the docks soon I hope!

I have an ASA101-104 starting this morning. YEAH!! As a bonus I get to run our new Beneteau 34 SAER II

Have you seen our new 2015 Hunter 40 Pegasus? She’s at the boat show right next to the Discover Sailing Dock. She looks awesome!

Lets get this Naked Sailing trip on the road!! Brian, I’m counting on you. I will have a date by the end of this week. All people that are interested please let me know what your time preferences are.

I had an awesome Intro to Sailing trip at the show yesterday. Richard, Kathy, and Mark were all recent ASA certification holders and they wanted a workout. I gave it to them and they ate it up! In the end we were having too much fun and got back late…really late. So sorry Captain Dave and Gary but we gotta do what we gotta do!

Richard making sure all is going right on the MOB drill
Richard making sure all is going right on the MOB drill

By the way, Kathy great job getting that DRUNK Harold back on board! Check out this video! Well so I thought, I got to get better at this video thing, sorry!

So, I ran into one of my students working at the show yesterday! He was working for a competitor!! Traitor, I say!! Richard, it was great to see you and very rewarding to know that I helped you get on the path you are now following! But, when you really want to go sailing I’ll see you on the Sailing Florida docks!

Hey if you go to the show and ride on 14 Pennies feel free to go in the fridge and enjoy my sandwich from yesterday! These slave drivers keep me so busy that I never got to it. Thanks for keeping my day active and fun!

Hey Christmas lights are up! Why not book Sand Dollars, our Mainship 39 Trawler and ME to got see the lights Sailing Florida style!!! Lisa and I will bring the hot chocolate. Come-on, lets do it!

This week’s BOAT DRINK!

The Dark and Stormy:

1 ½ oz Goslings Black Run

6 oz Goslings or Barriets Ginger Beer (no other ginger                             beer works)

Twist of lime

Must be served in a cheap plastic or Red Solo Cup

Okay, you know the drill. Time is short and I got to go and get On the Water…With Captain Frank