Bits n Pieces 12/12/2014

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Captain FrankThis week’s toast:

The wind that blows,
the ship that goes,
and the lass that loves a sailor!

 I just completed an awesome 101-104 class. Dave and Bonnie were with me for 101 along with Mark and Ann for 101 – 104. Let me says this about this group in general and Mark and Ann in particular: These folks showed a passionate thirst for learning this lifestyle. I often say, “I can teach a monkey to pull the strings but what I really try to impart on my students is the seamanship!” It’s the seamanship that make someone that knows how to sail a sailor. Very few, come to embrace that level understanding, these two got it. Ann got a rope burn from wrapping a jib the wrong way, see ALWAYS, but rather than complain she wore it like a badge, exclaiming that it was her reminder to take the time to do it right! Full of questions and full of drive, quite frankly they wore my ass out! While there were moments of frustration for us all, we all had a great time. Heres to Mark and Ann! May your sailing future be bright with following seas!

Up coming for me is my favorite class, 105 and 106! I love navigation and the real world application that we get to practice in 106! YEAH!!!

This week’s drink was first concocted at the Soggy Dollar Bar (named for the swimmers coming to the bar with ….soggy dollars) on beautiful White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. It is the deliciously intoxicating


4 parts pineapple juice

1 part cream of coconut

1 part orange juice

As many parts Pussers Rum as you dare

            Shake with Ice and add a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg on top

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In the mean time, as always, I’ll see you On the Water…With Captain Frank