ASA101 Student does Single-handed Figure-eight MOB

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I had the pleasure of teaching this father and son team, Doug and Peter, ASA 101 this past weekend.

Day one went fairly well as we learned and practiced tacking, gybing, hove-to, reefing, and docking. By the end of day one we were all tired.

Let me tell you, these guys must have dreamed sailing maneuvers and techniques all night cause with the start of day two they were spot on!

I explained that they need to practice MOB maneuvers every single time they sail until they can both do them single-handed with-out thinking. Doug said that he didn’t think it could be done and I said, “Sure it can! Want to see?”

Well you can guess his response, and so, I did.

After I was done he said, ”I think I can do that, let me try!”

This video is of Doug Churdar, two-day sailor, executing a very nice single-handed “Figure-Eight MOB” with the new close reach recovery.

I told him for certification he had to prove he was safe. I think he has!

Hats off to Doug and Peter, what a great team!

Captain Frank