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Good morning to all,

This is the last of the series on rope, YEAH! We have discussed the types of rope that we might use on our boats. What the characteristics of these ropes are and what applications on our boat each characteristic might be best suited for. I described a method that I use to organize the running rigging on my boat. Keep in mind that after you make your master plan you can carry it out in stages.

types of rope, learning the ropes

Maybe you replace all your halyards, or just one, but do so implementing your plan. Save that chart you made so you can refer to it over the years. Also, remember that there are many choices in rope beyond what we discussed. Presented here are just the basics for a cruising boat. For example I am very fond of a rope called Swiftcord – Maffioli for the mainsheet on my boats.

In general you can expect to have about 10 times your boat length in running rigging. Anticipate costs of around four dollars a foot for the cost although this may vary widely.

Those links I promised, well, I still trying to get them worked out. When I figure that out (after-all I’m a sailor not a nerd) I’ll get them posted.

One last thing: Did you know that all the little pieces of line in your locker are called small stuff? These pieces of small stuff are very important to have. They can be used for lashing things down, emergency situations and even for what I like to call “Arts and crafts at band camp” (you know, knot-tying practice on those long periods of time between tacks. Don’t throw them away, clean ‘em up and stow them neatly, you never know.

On Fridays I will be doing my piece called BITS N PIECES. Just little one-line items for fun. So:

Till then, do what ever you have to to get On the Water…With Captain Frank

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