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How About a Boot Camp?

Hey there gang! Long time since I’ve posted! I’m trying to put together a boot camp for April 10 and 11. Price will be $500.00 per person for two intense days of training. For those that don’t know what a boot camp is all about, give me a call. It’s about gaining real experience on the water. What ever comes our way we work with. These events are rain or shine. You’ll find them challenging, intense, and very rewarding. What I’m looking for here is interest. Max enrollment is 4, and it will take 3 to make the class go. The boat size will be a little larger than normal, I’m thinking about Anchored in Hope, our Jeanneau 37 (just for you Jim). You can reach me, as always, at 252-207-7179 or

Let’s do this!

Captain Frank

Instructor Qualification Clinics Announcement

Okay all you SAILORS, ever think about becoming an ASA instructor? Well, here’s your chance! Sailing Florida and Captain Frank are holding our first ASA Instructor Clinics. These clinics are being held on June 5-6 (201), June 7-8 (203, 205), and June 9 (204). You don’t have to be previously certified to obtain these ratings. Passing the IQC gets you both the student and instructor level certification.

Whether you want to teach sailing full time, part time,or just further your sailing credentials this is the time and place. Obtaining teaching certification is challenging and fun. It’s not easy, you gotta know your stuff; but with desire, skills, and effort you can achieve it!

Time is running out! Registration closes 5 pm on the May 20th. Contact me, Captain Frank via email or phone (, 252-207-7179) or Sailing Florida directly!

Instructor Clinic prep sessions are being offered the week prior to the IQCs. These are classes designed to prepare you for the Clinic. Lots of sailing and lesson planning and presentation skills are the point!

Do it now! You’ll be On the Water…With Captain Frank