Captain Frank and Lisa’s Excellent BVI Adventure Pt 1 of 6

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Frank and Lisa's Excellent BVI Adventure

So, the journey to the BVI no matter how I try to spin it is long and arduous. Leaving early on Sunday morning, we travel 12 hours to Lisa’s son Jake’s home to drop off our pride and joy Abby. She is a very good traveler and was very patient as she waited to see her play mate Sammy, Jake’s golden retriever. After a short night of sleep we were off to the airport to catch our flight (a non-stop which was a first for me) to St. Thomas. Next the taxi to the ferry terminal, followed by the ferry ride (which I always enjoy) and then the taxi to Nanny Cay. Total time, 12 hours. Overall experience, arduous…but worth it.

Nanny Cay Marina

What’s a Nanny Cay?

Nanny Cay is a neat little hole in the south coast of Tortola. Nearly completely self-contained, it has an island charm and is neat and well kept. There is a boat yard, several charter companies, a dive shop, sail loft, snack-bar, hotel, grocery, and the Peg Leg restaurant. We frequented many of those place over the next twelve hours but none were as much fun as the Peg Leg.

Upon arrival we were greeted by out hosts the Chew family. The family runs three generations deep and consists of Scott and Nicki, their sons 16 year old Indy and 5 year old Archer along with Scott’s father Ed and brother Greg. I have sailed with these folks on a couple of occasions starting with them as students of mine for ASA101-104 from Sailing Florida and later 114 on a Sailing Florida coordinated trip to the Exuma Islands in the central Bahamas.

These folks, the Chews, are an extremely adventurous group with endless stores of energy and excitement (and a blast to be with). They make my job easy by being well studied and their thirst to master this lifestyle is always apparent. My mission here is to help them learn their new boat and to prep them for longer passages and demanding adventures. Lisa’s job is to take a ton of photos, help out around the boat and enjoy the amazing atmosphere and scenery of the BVI. We will both work hard (not) I’m sure.

Don’t miss the Peg Leg

So back to the Peg leg. The atmosphere of the Peg Leg is island life refined a little. The food was superb and the drinks were pretty damn good to! I was hoping and my hopes were rewarded that chicken roti (the only curry dish that I care for and one of my favorite meals anywhere) would be on the menu and it was. Lisa had the vegetable version and said it was just wonderful, although I’m not sure how it could be with all those veggies and no meat. Great company, great food, great place and Pain Killers, what more could anyone ask for?

Till tomorrow, from Nanny Cay, when I see you On the Water…With Captain Frank

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