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I have two spaces available on a two-day independent sail training trip coming on April 24 and 25. This two-day sail will be filled with nothing but sailing, drilling, and fun. We are using Knot-Now, Sailing Florida’s Hunter 31, for this session. This is an affordable way to gain the elusive skills of experience and mastery! It is also a great way for recent ASA grads to step off their bareboat chartering career.

Contact me at or call at 252-207-7179. Come join us and learn, have fun, and meet some new sailing friends. Must be an ASA101 grad or higher (equal experience also works).

Turning 50 CAN be nifty!

So, a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a group of guys on a 50th birthday party cruise onboard Smooth C’s, our Viking 43. A couple of things made this trip special.

"Can I get an AHMEN?"
“Can I get an AHMEN?”

First, this group of a dozen guys flew from around the country and Canada just to surprise the birthday boy, Rob. It worked!

Second when we arrived back at the dock their van had not yet arrived. They asked me if they could hangout on the boat till it came. I reluctantly said okay, and then they asked me if I wanted a drink.

Here’s a tip: Offer me a drink first, then ask to hangout. Anyhow, I said yes to the drink and then looked on with horror as they made it. Being polite I tasted it, and it was GREAT! This week’s drink is brought to you from the frozen north of Nova Scotia.

 The Chicken Bone

 1 ½ oz Fireball whiskey

6 oz chocolate milk

Add ice

Get ready for a very pleasant surprise!

Checker’s anyone?

Me thinks it's time to eat!
Me thinks it’s time to eat!

Rick and Lisa, owner’s of several Checker’s franchises, hosted a Valentine’s Day get together with a few of their closet friends. What a blast it turned out to be!

These folks, despite a chilly evening, were FUN on steroids. Rick and Lisa, thanks as always for choosing Sailing Florida as your venue for fun!   Can’t wait till next time (when it’s warm.)

Announcing the new Cruising Florida website

Have you heard! The all new Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy website is now up and running! Check it out at

I just finished a GREAT class starring Curt, Barb, and Blake. Supporting characters (literally) included Alaster and Jose. These folks were ready to learn and have a good time. They did both.


It is sometimes awkward when students come and go for various classes amongst a core group. Not this time! Alaster and Jose blended in perfectly. We all wished they could have been part of the whole week. Thanks to all! PS: Alaster the rum (given to the deserving captain) is awesome!

Lots of great classes coming up! Contact Sailing Florida to see if they fit your schedule!

This week’s toast:

A toast to those who wish me well

And all the rest can go to hell

Found at

Upcoming article

I recently completed an adventure on the Okeechobee Waterway. My PB1101-1102 student bought a very nice 2006 Cruiser 455 Express and asked me to bring it from Stuart FL back to Palmetto Fl on the Manatee River. Great boat and great student! Look for an article about this beautiful waterway and a review on this boat at .

Well, time to go. Make sure you’re seen On the Water…With Captain Frank

4 thoughts on “Bits n Pieces 02/27/2015”

  1. Hi,
    Both my wife and I both became ASA 101 certified this past fall and are looking to learn more. I would like to know more about your upcoming trip on April 24/25.


    1. Hi Mikko,
      This training trip consists of two day-sails. I am working earlier in the week, Monday-Thursday, with a student on 101 & 103. On Friday and Saturday we are doing an open sail training session. Those days we are just sailing, drilling, and enjoying the water. I have two spots open for that trip. Time will be 9-5 both days. If all goes well, on Saturday afternoon I hope to step off the boat and let the students sail “bareboat” for the afternoon. It will be a great opportunity to further develop sailing skills and gain some experience. The bareboat part of the trip is contingent on how well we do the first day and a half. It is important to understand that while we will have fun and enjoy the water, the primary purpose of the session is to continue learning. Pricing is $550 for two persons. If just one person then pricing is $400.00. This includes the instructor time and boat for both days. Gratuity, if so inclined, is not included.

      Hope this helps,

        1. Hi Mikko,

          Sorry for the delay! I have one seat left for this training series. It is first come first serve. If you need two seats then don’t sweat it, I will be doing more of these and they will always be posted here.

          By the way, look for the new classes offerings on this site. They will be extended ASA classes that will include things like provisioning and will be liveaboard away from the dock. Can’t wait to get them started!

          Fair winds,

          Captain Frank

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