Cruising Catamaran IQC a Big Success!

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Well, congratulations are to be issued to the five brave Cruising Catamaran Instructor candidates.  They endured less than wonderful weather, although it was no where near as bad as had been predicted, and me as they slugged their way through the process.  In the end all five were successful.  Hard work, sore muscles, weary brains, and lots of laughs and good times prevailed.

Maybe the next one is your turn.  For a real challenge and sure path to long lasting friendships test your skills to see if you stack up as an ASA Instructor.

Check out this video of the event!

Sailing Opportunities Abound!

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Sailing Opportunities Abound!

Boy, it’s been a longtime since I ‘ve posted, and that’s not a good thing!  It’s funny, it’s not that I’ve been all that busy, although I’ve been busier than I expected for this time of year, it’s just that I’ve been in a lot of turmoil.

Anyhow, I’ve got several sailing opportunities for sailors of all experience levels.

First, I have two trips from Annapolis to St Pete coming in the month of October.  For those that have the pre-requisite certifications for 114 and 106, those certs can be earned.  These trips are 9-10 days in duration and will involve both open water and ICW work.  They are planned non-stop.    Lots of fun and lots of challenge is what these trips are all about!  Learn to identify threats at night, route planning, watch work, and all the little things that turn people that know how to sail into sailors.

Cost will be $1,300.00 + provisions + certification costs (if attempting).  Arrival at the boat is your responsibility.

Sailing florida has space for two students in an October 106 class.  This is just the normal class based out of St Pete.  Contact me or the office for details on this class.

Looks like I’ll be doing another Sailing Boot Camp nera the end of October or the beginning of November.  This is a two day traing sail.  No class work, no agenda, no pass/fail, no certification.  This session is designed to let you build the experience that new sailors need so badly.  This is how you become truly ready to earn the next level of certification.  These two day classes take what ever mother nature throws at us and turns it into a learning experience.  No wind, lets go work in the local marinas.  Lots of wind, lets go see exactly what it’s like to have too much sail up and how we get rid of it.  Get the idea?  These sessions are limited to 4 students and cost is $450.00 per person.  Contact me directly if you are interested.   Let me know what dates work best for you!

I sure hope to see you folks at the Tampa Boat show (Oct 2-4).  Come take a power or sailing clinic on the water with me.  Click here to sign up!

Remember, of all the places you could be, the best place is On the Water…With Captain Frank