Instructor Qualification Clinics Announcement

Okay all you SAILORS, ever think about becoming an ASA instructor? Well, here’s your chance! Sailing Florida and Captain Frank are holding our first ASA Instructor Clinics. These clinics are being held on June 5-6 (201), June 7-8 (203, 205), and June 9 (204). You don’t have to be previously certified to obtain these ratings. Passing the IQC gets you both the student and instructor level certification.

Whether you want to teach sailing full time, part time,or just further your sailing credentials this is the time and place. Obtaining teaching certification is challenging and fun. It’s not easy, you gotta know your stuff; but with desire, skills, and effort you can achieve it!

Time is running out! Registration closes 5 pm on the May 20th. Contact me, Captain Frank via email or phone (, 252-207-7179) or Sailing Florida directly!

Instructor Clinic prep sessions are being offered the week prior to the IQCs. These are classes designed to prepare you for the Clinic. Lots of sailing and lesson planning and presentation skills are the point!

Do it now! You’ll be On the Water…With Captain Frank

Bits n Pieces 05/08/2015

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Wow, It’s been along time since I’ve had a chance to do a Bits n Pieces! In fact I’m way behind on all my writing and videos. Well I’m trying to get caught up!

Training Days a success

Well, the first On the Water…With Captain Frank training days is in the books. Three sailors; Rick, Eric, and Alasdair, all participated and everyone had a great time and learned a lot. The guys had experience that ranged from 101 only, 101 and 103, and no certification with some sailing experience. Everyone worked hard and the group gelled perfectly. Day one was very light air and a challenge. The second day the wind gods cooperated and we had a fantastic sail. I’m proud to say that Harold, my resident drunk MOB buddy, survived the day!

Look for the next Sailing Training Session coming soon! You’ll find it posted here on and FB at Sailing Florida Charters or On the Water With Captain Frank. They’re fun, challenging, and educational. Plus you might just find some new sailing buddies!

New addition to the family and more PB classes.

Our new catamaran, Squisita, is a blast to sail. What a great party platform! Her layout is open and she is very easy to get around on. Perfect for your next party. Book her today!

Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy is starting to gain momentum! I’ve had several PB1101 classes recently. Most of them have been on Sandollars, our Mainship 390. I really enjoy that boat and teaching those classes. Hey sailors, give it a try, you’ll be amazed at what you learn and can take back to the sailboats.

 This week’s toast:

Here’s to the women who love us terribly,
May they soon improve.

 This week’s toast was found at Check out his music!

Bits and pieces

Lots of classes coming up! And, summer rates kick-in in just a couple of weeks! Check them out now and sign up for savings!

This week’s drink is simple and MY FAVORITE! The drink is simple but the story of how it came to be is awesome.

 This week’s drink:

The Shot

1-2 onces of what ever you like.

I like Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

 Here’s the cool part. In the days of the wild west an ounce of liquor cost the same as a single bullet. Cowboys would come to the saloon and offer to trade a “shot” for a drink. So, the drink of whiskey came to be known as a “Shot”.

 Still no response to what a WAFI is! Come-on, think about it.

Well, it feels good to get writing again. Catch up with the Elements of Close Quarters Maneuvering and Apparent Wind, How to Figure it Out. Till next time make sure you’re On the Water…With Captain Frank